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The Iraq Stability Program is dedicated to organising summits, pre-scheduled meetings, trade missions and market intelligence devoted to engendering powerful business relationships between Iraqis and the international community.

To secure good business relationships the Program has a set of key guiding principles:-

  • Working in a safe and secure environment
  • Promoting investment and diversification to generate employment and macroeconomic stability
  • Demonstrating stable government and good stewardship of resources
  • Contribute to social well-being and civic participation
  • Promote ethical business with transparency and accountability
  • Ensure political primacy and regional engagement within the rule of law

We genuinely wish to contribute to Iraq’s long-term development and are building a family of likeminded Iraqis and international executives who agree with our principles and wish to participate in our unique and secure meetings-based forums.

If you wish to be join the Steering Committee of the Iraq Stability Program and contribute to the content of one of our events, please email us at or visit our contact page for more information.

Ministerial Delegations for The
Iraq Defence & Security Summit 2012

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