Iraq Stability Program - Testimonials

Please find below a small number of very satisfied clients that received considerable return on their participation in the inaugural Iraq Defence & Security Summit, 2012.

"The Iraq Defence and Security Summit hosted by the Iraq Program for Peace and Stability was nothing less than fantastic. The amount of personal attention and the ability to sit down with Iraqi decision makers provided by IPPS is the best we have ever seen on the US and International conference circuit. We will be back again !"
  -- RB, Regional Vice President, Endeavour/Beretta

"We want to extend our extreme appreciation to the organizers of Iraq Defence & Security Summit which took place at Erbil Rotana hotel on 24 and 25 of March 2012. ln fact, we have witnessed a tremendous level of services and attention given by the organizers as regards to the preparation of this event not to mention the significant meetings we had with the lraq Ministers, Generals and security officials. The overall organization, availability and care of the staff and organizers, the security level delegated to this event, the elegant and well organized lunches and dinner offered by the organizers and the rapidity of services was exceptional ! The success of Iraq Defence & Security Summit this year is deserved and we look forward to participating again."
  -- SBA, General Manager, Middle East, Glock

"I was so glad to be able to attend the extremely worthwhile and very well organised 1st Official Iraq Defence & Security Summit, 2012. The number, calibre and seniority of the officials attending, as well as excellent industry networking, allowed me invaluable contacts and insights in to the local culture, systems and opportunity priorities, vastly improving Cobham’s potential to the previously much smaller and ad hoc few market entries in to the Iraq and Kurdistan Ministries and Government Organisations. A serious and yet affable atmosphere allowed for great understanding of the huge business potential for many much needed security projects and face to face to connections all round, so important in this part of the world, from the morning speakers to the one to one afternoon meetings and many other relationships more casually developed over the summit period. Thank you Iraq Program for Peace and Stability !"
  -- PT, Head, Middle East, Cobham Tactical Communications and Surveillance

"Information and networking is more important than ever specially in changing times like these. IDSS was a great venue to receive rich and critical information from the Iraqi officials and executives - it’s both informative and rewarding. I also appreciated the chance to make high-level officials contacts; it was impactful and provided information that can be put to use immediately, my appreciation and regards to everyone there"
  -- AS, CEO, KADDB Investment Group Jordan

"This summit was a great opportunity to meet our key customers and have a face to face discussion in a professional and well organized environment"
  -- OS, Director, Middle East Region – Motorola Solutions Ltd.

"We would like to thank you for your initiative in organizing the Iraq Defence summit in March 2012.It was a good platform for bringing together business community with the Iraq Government Ministers and Senior officials. It, therefore, offered a great opportunity to understand each other’s needs, which in turn will translate into better results for both sides. We have benefited a great deal from this summit considering that we are just about to re-enter Iraq market through the summit. It gave us a good glimpse of the opportunities that we currently have in Iraq and also a general direction of how the things will shape up in the near future. We once again thank you for the support that you have provided to us during the summit and look forward to seeing you again soon in such forums."
  -- RK, Area Manager, Iraq Turkey, Syria, TATA Group

"I thank you for the two productive days in Erbil, our participation in the summit was a success as within a very short time we managed to see representatives of different sectors of the Iraqi Government. Though I spend a lot of time in Baghdad I find that it is very difficult and time consuming to meet Government officials. Under any circumstances it is very rare to find concentrated so many decision makers ready to tell us their requirements and listen to the solutions that we can offer."
  -- GP, Chairman, Tronix

"We at Korek Telecom as the main sponsor for the 1st Iraq Defence, Security & Communications Summit, 2012 enjoyed being at the event. We had the chance to meet high level of Ministers and other governmental officials and VIP’s in private and we enjoyed the pre-event dinner at Rotana Hotel. Our best gratitude to the organizers for a very successful event. "
  -- BS, Director Events & Promotional Affairs, Korek

"Thank you for an invaluable opportunity to engage with Ministers and senior officials of the Iraq Defence, Security & Communications Ministries. With speakers giving an insight into their procurement requirements, the event was professionally executed and the meetings opportunity unique. The pre-arranged private meetings and additional networking lunches and dinners have offered us the most direct route to potentially doing business in these sectors in Iraq"
  -- PM, Sales Director, AREA

"I am writing to express Apolo Engineering’s appreciation of the First Iraq Defence & Security Summit organized and hosted by the Iraq Program for Peace and Stability in Erbil earlier this year. This was an important forum that provided our company management with a unique networking opportunity – attending the event, we were able to meet officials both from the Government of the Republic of Iraq and the Regional Government of Kurdistan and discuss defence and security needs and procurement requirements, as well as our eventual cooperation and business development prospects in the near future."
  -- RL, General Manager, Apolo Engineering

"The conference provided excellent opportunities to engage with Iraqi officials, who made themselves accessible over the two days, and provided new insights into the status of various programs and policies in newly sovereign Iraq."
  -- DE, VP for Iraq Operations, DynCorp

"Implant Sciences was very pleased with the quality of the summit. The active participation of the Ministers, Chiefs-of-Staff, and other distinguished delegates sends a very positive message about the importance of these topics, and demonstrates their resolve to achieve their defense and security goals. We wholeheartedly thank the Kurdistan Regional Government and the Iraqi Government for hosting the summit and participating at the highest levels."
  -- RDN, General Manager EMEA, Implant Sciences Corporation

"We were very happy to participate in the Iraq Defence Security Summit 2012 at Erbil, Kurdistan. The summit was extremely useful to us, and we would like to place on record our sincere appreciation and thanks to the management of Iraq Program for Peace and Stability (IPSS) for their professional management and execution of the summit. I wish to further add, that during the conference, the IPSS management, was always willing to extend and provide additional support, enabling this summit to be an extremely successful one. Please accept our vote of thanks for an excellently planned and managed summit, and look forward to many more similar engagements."
  -- AN, Director, S3Tel

"Well done to all concerned for organising a useful event. So often these things end up with people who want a day out of the office and have little interest in discussing real business with the delegate or others. I met a total of 9 Ministers or their Senior Advisors and felt the meetings were fruitful."
  -- AP, Director International Sales, Electranet

"As a major Defence and ICT Systems integrator in Iraq, Technology Partners welcomed the opportunity to sponsor and participate in this year's Iraq Defence and Security Summit. We found the conference extremely useful for expanding new and existing relationships with senior Iraqi Government officials, for following up on current projects, and developing new opportunities. The highlight for us was the one-on-one sessions during the two afternoons of the conference. The conference was extremely well organized and well attended, and we will definitely participate in future events"
  -- RH, VP Marketing, Technology Partners

"On behalf of HID Global would like to thank all involved with Iraq Stability for organising and hosting the Defence and Security Summit in Erbil recently. The venue was ideal and I certainly found the government delegations friendly and welcoming and I hope we can help the various stakeholders further, in the coming months and years ahead."
  -- BR, Sales Manager, HID Global

"Thank you so much for managing a successful event despite the toughest of conditions, I was really pleased with the outcome of this conference and the meetings we had with the stake holders in the security industry. "
  -- WM, Managing Director, Gleamer Iraq

"It was a nice experience in Erbil and the discussions I had there was fruitful."
  -- Regional Head, Infinova Corporation

"The 1st Official Iraq Defence & Security Summit was a great opportunity for the KADDB Investment Group to have one on one meetings with leaders in the defence security industry, where we believe mutual business opportunities were initiated."
  -- KADDB Investment Group, Jordan

Ministerial Delegations for The
Iraq Defence & Security Summit 2012

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